Friday, August 10, 2007

Mixed Bag Nite: Two Portraits and a Diagram

Two character studies from late last year: a girlishly appointed elderly woman at a Christmas Eve service I constructed from memory, and a really big guy I secretly drew on a napkin in a Bob Evans. Unlike John Hendrix, I'm generally too self-conscious to draw in church (or in public most anywhere). Although I did once make an information graphic on the back of the program to communicate to my sprawling teenage son exactly what his posture looked like, which I handed down the pew to him. Recreation below:

Much hilarity resulted. Note that this, too, is an informational image!


John Hendrix said...

That diagram is so funny.
I like that he didn't quite make it to Gollum stage....but close!

Who else was in the running for the worst example? Sloth? Piltdown Man?

drinkspiller said...

Love the diagram. I'm particularly fond of spectrums, continuums, and spectinuums. Anything with two 'U's in a row has high info graphic potential in my book.

Check out Indexed, a blog containing data economists rarely bother to diagram.

Bob Flynn said...

This is great...I like the character studies, too. In the spectrum, I would think alligators (if they could sit), would probably have awful posture as well.