Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Love a Parade

I spent some time looking at color palettes yesterday, and got a bang out of seeing this again, from Disney's Sleeping Beauty from 1959. A gorgeous film by any standard. Of course it lost a ton of money.


Dylan said...

The miniature DVD extra documentaries on all the concept and background work for that film are really wonderful. I still think it's the most purely beautiful of all the 2D Disney films.

John Hendrix said...

I can't say I've ever seen this one. How could I miss it?

robd said...

Disney animation, like any serious artistic endeavor is a balancing act between a finely crafted and compelling story and beautiful art (color, caricature, tone & mood, pattern, and time & motion). Probably the best corollaries are music and dance. Anyway, Sleeping Beauty had all these gorgeous palettes, stylized backgrounds and patterns. I believe the movie faltered in trying to reconcile the character design and movement with the medieval stylization. It works in bits and pieces but sustaining it as a whole over the entire span of the movie was not achieved. Great moments though.

Bob Flynn said...

Sleeping Beauty stands out as one of Disney's most graphic feature films. I tend to prefer the Mary Blair inspired stylings of Alice and Wonderland (her concept art even more so). I think where this film disappoints, the cartoon series Samurai Jack succeeds. Because the character design and approach to animation works in harmony with the background design.

If you're looking for more Sleeping Beauty background art, check out Rob Richard's blog:

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...a blog all about background art (mainly Disney).