Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blinky & Myron

The opening words from Visit Mohicanland, a story I have finished that goes with a series of prints (one of which appears above). I am working on a graphic novel treatment of the project.

There are two guys, named Blinky and Myron. Myron is the older, more serious, less happy one. Myron has a lot of gravity happening. He’s solid and thick. Blinky flits like a bird. He collects enthusiasms, one after another. Exotic diets. UFO coverups. Crackpot Egyptology. Everything that Blinky has learned about the world, beyond what he’s gained from his own senses, he’s gotten from cable TV, silly pamphlets, and talk radio. Said sources routinely make ridiculous claims that Blinky repeats uncritically. For example, that finely ground dandelion leaves, if you take them orally, will cure any disease in the world.

Myron broods; Blinky exults. Myron is turgid and jowly. Blinky is nimble and gaunt. Myron cites authorities, and Blinky is all caprice.

For the purposes of the story, they’re friends...


Mark Kaufman said...

It’s a small, strange world.

Thanks for the fascinating commentary of the Robert Weaver sketchbook for The New York Times on Sunday.

D.B. Dowd…D.B. Dowd… That name seemed familiar, but I couldn't place it. I looked it up today, and lo and behold Blinky and Myron were staring me in the face. It seems that my wife and I purchased a couple of prints from that series many years ago, and they have been on the mantle ever since. Looking forward to the graphic novel of same, and definately will be checking your blog on a regular basis.

Cheers, Mark Kaufman

Merr said...
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DB Dowd said...

Mark, what a hoot! Thanks for stopping by. I hope the prints have worn well--which ones do you have? Where did you get them?

Strange and small, indeed!


Mark Kaufman said...

I have the very one you posted to your blog and another one which I don't know the name of off the top of my head. I purchased them from Davidson Galleries in Seattle.