Thursday, February 28, 2008

Weaver Colloquy

The back-and-forth on the merits and sources of Robert Weaver's work and reputation has been excellent in recent days. Soon I hope to have a chance to provide some context for those exchanges, both visually and historically. So stay tuned... And keep the comments coming!

Image: Robert Weaver, Electronic Police Dispatch System visual essay in New York magazine, circa 1970.


Comitato genitori Aldo Moro said...

Ciao. Il comitato genitori ha visitato il tuo blog.

Angelo Horst said...

Muito interessante!

Bill Koeb said...

Great Piece!

I have seen the drawings for this piece and series. The man worked in every medium.

Bill Koeb said...

I love the separation of the police from the scene and the use of space on the page. Again, so much with so little. It reminds me of a piece he did of a police car with two cops in it. The title referred to a city divided over the police. It was simple and spoke volumes.

Do you have the soldiers in a tree image I mentioned in an earlier post?