Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Designerly Look at Toonland

Sharp-eyed Bob Flynn over at Drip! offers up a silhouette display of classic cartoon characters, reduced to pure shape. He notes his own attentiveness to positive and negative form when designing characters. I think his observation points to a critical fact, which is that cartooning (especially on the character level) may very well have more to do with design than it does with drawing. Characters are built more than drawn. Speaking of which, Drawn! links to Bob, too. Good work, Mr. Flynn!

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Bob Flynn said...

Thanks, DB! I really did it out of fun more than anything else, and to demonstrate some ideas about character design to my co-workers. I didn't realize so many people would take interest in it, until I showed it to a couple people (even non-artists), who immediately got a kick out of it. I thought it was only a something I would appreciate, because I'm dorky about cartoons.

I've stared at it quite a bit particularly, noticing the contour and shape of each of the characters.

Funny you used this image of Olive Oyl, because it's one of the frames from Popeye I've studied. Namely for the pose and design of the shot. Which is striking.

Olive Oyl

I am a student of cartoons ;)