Friday, September 19, 2008

A Travel Drawing

I love to draw in airports. The inside/outside relationships and relative scale issues are really fun to work with. Characterization, too. The second woman bit her thumbnail two or three times in the ten to fifteen minutes that I spent working with this scene. Her left hand was pretty active, so it was fun to try to anticipate the move and work to get it very quickly when it went into this position.


Designerly said...
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Designerly said...

Dunno why it deleted my comment,but anyway, just giving a shout out that I really enjoyed stumbling upon your blog, it's practically what I want mine to be when it grows up :) good stuff.


DB Dowd said...

Lamis, many thanks for your comment. I checked out your blog and see that you are gearing up to make it more of a commitment. Good luck! I have found that blogging has furthered my thinking quite a bit, just by forcing me to articulate thoughts that otherwise would have remained vague perceptions, not really ideas.

I also think that writing about visual form is a challenging activity, and helps to sharpen the act of seeing.

Curious to read more from a young designer in Dubai. Keep it up!

Designerly said...

Thanks! And that's a good point about writing.

I just realized you're a communication design professor, it's so random because I'm applying to Pratt for grad school for a masters in communication design! :) I'll definitely stay tuned in to your posts and work. Have a great day!