Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I survived my day as an election journalist. Started Tuesday at 5:00am; got home at 11:55pm. I am exceedingly pleased that Senator Obama has been elected to the presidency. I worked hard to keep my inclinations out of my reportage (as a card-carrying member of the media "elite").

I have two more drawings to scan and upload--both post-voting scenes. I'll deal with them tomorrow. But the long and short of it is this: 21 total drawings, a dozen finished today.

More tomorrow. In the meantime, enjoy George Caleb Bingham's account of another Missouri election, this one in 1846.

Time for bed...


Dan Z. said...

The drawings are really great Douglas, and it was fun to check in on them during the day. What's your next one-day roaming sketchstravaganza? "Black Friday"?

Dan Z. said...

More importantly, what are we to call this new type of real-time reportage? SKLOGGING???

DB Dowd said...

Dan, see the next post (Closing Up) for a reflection on this new term of yours, sklogging.

I haven't written to tell you, but I want to join your St. Louis sketch club. I think we should have rotating tee shirt design contests, too.

Also: I have longed to draw Farmer Whoosit and his special needs young farmer in the General Grant shopping area on Watson Road. But I fear you have franchised this material. May I apply for a license to draw there from you?