Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michigan Picture 1

The gears have been grinding a little as I adjust to the resumption of teaching. Pleased to be back, and excited about the course content. But I am determined to remain at work in my pages and books, too.

Last November we went to St. Joseph, Michigan for Thanksgiving. On Saturday we drove up to Holland. I spent a fun few hours tramping around at the Eastern end of Lake Macatawa, the small lake that flows through a channel out to Lake Michigan, past a famous red lighthouse. Later I drew the lighthouse and the channel passage out to the great lake. But for the first little while I hung around the margins of an industrial scrap metal yard. Above, what turned into a sort of observational caprice. I put the paint on the book spread about two weeks ago.


John Hendrix said...

This palate will be copied by me. Fair notice.

DB Dowd said...

Copy away, John! It is of course a modified primary triad, a red-yellow-blue thing plus some brown and a graphitey gray [the latter black + white + sepia]. Nothing very original! That blue is a cousin to the one you use a good bit of already, don't you think?