Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Terrible Day

A ghastly turn of events in Iran today. I cannot imagine the fear and the rage that must blanket that country tonight. I am already haunted by a video clip I wish I had not seen, of a young woman in her last moments. What is there to do, but persist? But how many others will be sacrificed to a flailing, jealous regime on its way down? Stupefied, sorrowful, I offer another Persian miniature, for lack of anything else to say. It features a Persian king known for his prowess as a hunter and a lover. But I selected Bahram Gur in the Green Pavilion in honor of green, the color held up by crowds as the hue of Iranian aspiration. Tabriz, 1481.


John said...

Excellent thoughts here. I just found your blog because I was looking for an image of the 1948 Chief Wahoo and an old post of yours about him came up. I'm impressed that you write about a fairly specialized subject while commenting on life in general so well! Take care.

DB Dowd said...

John, thanks for the note. I appreciate your feedback--one always wonders! I try to ground everything in visual culture so as not to confuse readers, but also to preserve the option to pipe up about issues of import. I've been meaning to get back to Chief Wahoo, whose karmic penalties are still being exacted. (See: Mark DeRosa trade)

Virginia said...

Don't let the Media overload fool you, this Iran election hype is just that!!

Take a look at how much exposure they are giving a REAL affront to Democracy (nothing less than a military coup in Honduras)

almost nothing!