Sunday, January 10, 2010

Recent Work

A new year and a fresh decade underway, and I am glad of both.

Over the last twelve months I posted less than in my first two years of this blog, and somewhat less substantively, too. In part, this was by design. I have been working on longer format writing projects, which require–and reward–serious rigor. The riffy, improvisional style appropriate for a blog would (in most cases) prove grating in a book. But blogging has helped me to clarify my thinking on host of matters. I'm still a few short sprints away from finishing a book-length project, which will continue to preclude more sustained theoretical pieces here at Graphic Tales.

The more improvisational, open-ended projects I've been working on have been visual in character. Last year I continued to explore the sketchbook painting work.

At the top of this post, a detail from a sketchbook painting drawn from the balcony of a Residence Inn. We were there because five days before we were to close on the sale of our condo and the purchase of a new home, our (new) furnace caught fire, delaying (but not scuttling, to our astonishment) both sales. Above, the whole painting.

I went back and painted a sketch I'd made at my younger son's high school football game (one of many such drawings, made at a variety of games, both home and away, in the fall of 2008).

I also worked on some more even more informal studies, like the still life above, in which a simple key drawing in black prismacolor was modified with flat color shapes.

In coming weeks, I will be taking the lessons learned from these and many other pieces from 2008-09 and beginning a new set of works, which I'll show soon.


Sarah Richardson said...

I really like the hotel painting, and am sorry to hear about the furnace. Life is tremendously weird that way, isn't it?

sunilo said...

It's nice to see the full version of the football painting from the masthead. It has the perfect amount of reportage. (At least I think so)

What kind of sketchbooks to you use? They seem to handle the paint quite well.


DB Dowd said...

Sarah, thanks for the note. It all ended up okay, we're in our new house, all is well. There's a cool coffee place in walking distance...I think we're overdue...February it is then!...

Sunil, great to hear from you! I appreciate the vote of confidence. A challenge, deciding how much to edit out, how little you can get away with. Something about drawing sports makes it easier to keep things light yet emphatic.

Believe it or not, the sketchbooks are off-the-rack at art stores. Canson blank books. The non-precious quality of the books helps me to stay offhand and notational. Funny: when I'm drawing, the minute I think I'm making an artwork (as opposed to a social document) I stiffen up.

gg said...