Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bridge to the Future

I head for California on Thursday, to participate in the ICON6 conference. More on that to come. But in the meantime, I have been working steadily to resolve and prepare the work I've been engaged in over the past few months. Which I recognize as a synthesis, even summation, of the last two years, from May 2008 to now.

Today we got a revised version of my website up, which suggests clarity about where I'm headed. I'll elaborate a few ideas on that front before long, I hope. For now, I'm putting it out there and emitting a sigh of relief to have gotten the job done.

At the top of this post, a reworked pencil from two years ago, of a highway overpass under construction. Above, a drawing from the Air Force Museum. And below, from a series of drawings I made at the Met last March.

I hope folks enjoy the new site.

More to come from California.


Sam said...

looks good doug- happy to see more paintings. See you at ICON!

DB Dowd said...

Thanks, Sam--see you there!

Sarah said...

Really loving those first two images.

Cora Lynn Deibler said...

Your presentation was fab, and I quite enjoyed talking with you afterward! Your blog is going into my "teaching tools" bag. Continued success- Cora Lynn