Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dear

We traveled to a family event in Alabama last week. As it happens, my wife Lori continued east to North Carolina directly following. I drove home with our son Drew. (Our other son Danny is in Shanghai, deep in third-level Chinese.) Today–July 9th–is Lori's birthday. As usually happens, when left to my own devices I live like a bear and work as compulsively as I wish. Hence I'm up close to 3:00 am, still at it. 

That's her, at the top of this post, presciently captured by Al Buell in a pinup painting circa 1950, reproduced in The Great American Pin-Up, published by Taschen in 2006. She's a fabulous babe.  

She's young at heart, too. 

Plus, she totally brings home the bacon. 

Soon, in fact, I'll trumpet her new company, involving her longtime specialty of media development–she is nothing if not an executive producer–for social media and online distribution. I'll wait for clearance on that. 

For now however, it's a warm happy birthday wish in a big old hot spell. 

Images: Al Buell, as noted; Maxfield Parrish, from The Golden Age, 1900; photograph by Wilhela Cushman for The Ladies Home Journal, November 1952, just as that publication made the transition to photographic covers and locked in its typographic identity.

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