Monday, October 8, 2012

An Absence

The baseball playoffs have begun. The Cards won a dramatic, if sloppy, game against the Braves to get a crack at the Washington Nationals. The first game of that series went Washington's way today, 3-2.

I recently passed an old sports bar I'd seen an All-Star game in, years ago now, on Manchester in Richmond Heights. I was surprised–yet not–to observe that they'd torn the place down. The building was one of those old clapboard houses that grew porches and wings and extensions on its way to becoming an ad hoc monstrosity.  For some reason, I can't summon the name of the place. A cliche, like "The Dugout" or somesuch.

Anyway, I made a drawing in that parking lot a few years back. The absence of the strange, metastasized building reminded me of it, and I dug it out. Presented above. Vehicles plus satellite dish, far less than fully realized, yet now reminiscent of an obliterated spot. A quickie scan with a little shape support, like pictorial Spanx.

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