Sunday, November 25, 2012

Listening to Sammy and Carmen

...sing There's a Small Hotel. (That's Sammy Davis, Jr., and Carmen McCrae.) 

...While recovering from having had 67 people in my house and retrofitted garage for Thanksgiving dinner 2012. 

In addition to those considerable consolations: the Zen Buddhism of Milt Caniff comic strip panels.

Above: ([left, rear:] Convoy, the innocent-but-not-so-dumb stowaway, and [center, front] Madame Captain Shark, opening a safe belowdecks on a submarine disguised as a freighter:) In panel #2 of 3 in the Steve Canyon daily strip that ran on Friday, August 13, 1948. Marvel at the manipulation of line weight, use of black shape, control of emphasis and spatial clarity in that single frame. C'est magnifique!

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sunilo said...

That sounds like an epic holiday!

I was just thinking about your work. Your nighttime images of Shanghai popped into my head when I saw the city in the new Bond film.