Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Taxonomy Florentine

...that I mentioned yesterday just materialized through the digital ether, courtesy of Eric Portis, its composer. Ten years ago this January; a sophomore product. (Honestly, this is [part of] why I love where I teach: I get to work with students this smart.)

Eric has been busy over the past decade, especially making photographs and stop-motion animation. He works in Denver.

I remember gently trying to recruit Eric into entering the Communication Design program, as he struck me as an illustrator type. He became a printmaker instead–good for him!–but my impression wasn't all wrong...

Check out this lovely photograph of an installation: a miniature drive-in theater, installed in storefront, showing one of his animations on a screen. His site is worth your while. Link above. 

Thanks for the note, Eric!


Eric said...

Doug! You're too kind!

At some point—probably right around that rapid-fire set of Florentine classes—I decided that the best course of art-school-action would be to seek out and surround myself with as many strong, compelling, and wildly different voices regarding how a career of making should be undertaken as possible; thanks for being one of the strongest.

And thanks for being the only one I can still listen to... I've been silently following along here for years.

DB Dowd said...

Eric, thank you so much for the return note. Killer! Old teachers live for such moments. I'm so glad to know that you're out there. Let's stay in touch!