Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spartan No.2 Imminent; Spartan No.1 Wins Prizes!

I'm very excited to report that Spartan Holiday No. 2, "The Five Pagodas," will be coming out in the next 10 days. We're planning a book signing at SVA in New York City on February 13th; more to come on that. The second issue completes the story of my trip to Shanghai. If the first issue dealt with the physical and textual environment, the second engages with people. There are interesting dialogues with Chinese that underscore the sense of brewing, unpredictable change in that country.

I've been slow in announcing that spreads from Spartan Holiday No. 1, "Shanghai Pictorial," were honored with the Silver and the Bronze Awards in the graphic novel category at Illustration West 51, the annual show organized by the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles. The final spread of the book won the Silver. (Or tied for it, with Randy Duburke. Happy to share!) There's a show at Gallery Nucleus in L.A. coming up.

And the autobiographical riff on my kid's car drawing club and memories of Playboys at Alan Reichel's  house won the bronze, outright. (Shades of my last post. In order to find the right image, which surely was a combination of memory and invented "recognition," I went on eBay and bought all twelve issues of Playboy published in 1970. Miss April nailed it. Thirty bucks for the set. Not bad. Think they're all headed for the MGHL. At some point.)

More soon, about No. 2 and the signing event in New York. An event in St. Louis to follow.

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