Friday, February 8, 2013

Spartan Samples

I will be picking up trimmed and bound copies of Spartan Holiday No. 2 tomorrow or Monday. (The ordering machinery will be up soon.) Did the press check on Tuesday, with my collaborator, graphic designer Scott Gericke. We had fun getting this one over the finish line, if it turned out to be a little grueling. There's much more content in this issue–more writing, more ideas. The first issue had to introduce the narrator, launch the form, and do some reportage work from Shanghai. I engaged the subject of the built environment–the crazy spaceship office tower finials–and the omnipresence of language in it.

This time I turned to my interactions with people, including an awkward interlude at Fudan University. Dialogues pepper the text.

Reflections on governance and society.

And ruminations on the rate of change.

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Sam said...

looking forward to this! it's like a box full of souvenirs to peruse.