Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hey, Mom!

In celebration of Mother's Day, a virtually-delivered card for our mom (previous tribute here). That's Cindy and David in the foreground, and Mark and me in the background (that is, the redheads). Now that I look at it, David looks sort of bummed out. (An intense child. But a well-adjusted adult.) 

I have a dim memory of playing a game in which we tried to ascribe animal identities to the various members of our family. It's actually sort of a dumb game, and its limitations were no more clear than in the attempt to boil down our mother's attributes to a creature. In some ways, the cat fits, in that she knows her own mind and carries herself with a certain noble reserve; in other ways, an ox, for her tremendous industry and endurance; finally, there's our standard poodle Schubert, with whom Mom shares inexhaustible devotion, a steady-eddie temperament, sharp intelligence and athletic grace. (Schubert wishes he had her vocabulary.) 

Again, a dumb game at heart: a metaphoric jumble, and a retroactive justification. Fact is, I woke up and saw this cat in my head. 

Our mother is many things, and we love her for all of them. 

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! 

Love, your offspring.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday I proudly wore my t-shirt proclaiming "Joyce, The People's Choice"

Three cheers for the best mother-in-law ever!

xoxox Lori

Unknown said...

Well, in the animal theme, I have fond memories of Mom calling me 'Lamb'--I remember the feeling of her being near me when she called me that, her attention and affection, and the sense of being so special to her. That is the greatest gift a mother can giver her child: the sense of being both loved and special. Thanks, Mom, my own Grand Lamb.